Set In Place Has

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Worship Leader Gatherings

We help worship leaders collaborate with one another for the purpose of encouragingment as we share stories, resources, tools, and tips regarding leading worship in a time such as this.

Workshops / Trainings / Seminars

These one-day training events cover band dynamics, mixing, vocal technique, instrument blending, heart of worship and so much more.

Songwriters roundtable

Songs have been written and expressed through the ages. This God-given desire to put stories, dreams, and prophecies into music and lyric form is only going to increase on the earth as we see the day of the Lord approaching.

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Regional Worship Events

We host worship and prayer gatherings at various locations throughout the South Bay area. We believe these gatherings will provoke individuals, unite believers, and impact the nations in every sphere of life.

Annual Worship Retreat

We host an annual Worship Retreat and you are invited! These are 3-day getaways where we get to encounter God as we worship, fellowship, explore, eat, and create together.

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See who we are and what we do.

Training Clips

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Focused on Celebrating Jesus

Set in Place

Set in Place is a ministry focused on helping churches celebrate Jesus the King through music, arts, audio, and media. My passion for the Lord’s church is worship. My hope is that this ministry will help your church, ministry, or congregation engage our God in undistracted worship. We can come to your facility and train your team to dial in your sound system, create dynamic worship sets, or encourage your worship team by reminding them of the heart behind worship. I have had the privilege of strengthening worshipers and audio teams over the last 20 years. Church is full of some of the most glorious moments as well as some difficult trials. I can help leaders maneuver through these waters with grace and confidence.



I will help your audio team to dial in the perfect sound, no matter where your worship team meets.

Creating a Dynamic


We will work together to create the perfect set for you and your team. Whether it’s by theme, tempo, or any other criteria, we will figure it out.



Your team and I will work together to praise Jesus with every song. We will go back to the heart of worship, where it’s all about Jesus.





What is the Heart of Worship?

What is the Heart of Worship?

This is often times one of the most overlooked questions. What is the heart of worship? As musicians and singers it’s so easy at times to allow ourselves to become distracted by the musicality of...

0 / / February 25, 2014