Training & Equipping

Training & Equipping Churches / Ministries for Worship and Audio


Since the age of 15,

I have been leading worship. It started with humble beginnings in my parents’ small group that met in our house. One of my sisters had purchased an upright piano that sat in our living room. Someone showed me a few chords and it kinda went from there. From that point, I led our high school youth group worship team, which led into the college ministry, which led into being involved in several churches and ministries over the next couple decades.

Over the years, I have grown in my musicianship, my understanding of the heart behind worship, and my relationships with worship team members and leaders.

Entered into Full-Time Ministry

In 2005, I had several encounters with the Lord that led to me leaving my full-time job as General Manager of Good Stuff Restaurants in Manhattan Beach. I quit my job with the promise that God had something for me in ministry. Faithful to His promise, a month or so after my job ended, I entered into full-time ministry as a Worship Pastor at a church in Gardena. This gave me the experience of seeing what goes on “behind the scenes” of the church. And what an eye opener that was!

The Birth of Set in Place

I was sitting in the back during a sermon and a friend of mine pointed out a scripture, Ezekiel 33:1-6. Specifically, the part that says, “… and the people of the land chose one of their men and made him their watchman.” That word “made” in the Hebrew is Nathan, and it means “to set in place.” So basically, the name of my organization is my own name! On a side note: how awesome it is to know who God has made you to be and get to put your passions and efforts into that calling?

This passage also carries a pretty heavy message. The context is the Lord is giving a warning to the people. God is looking for a watchman! He is looking for those who would stand in the gap, be on the lookout, be a messenger in this time and hour.

On Sept. 24, 2015…

  • I had it in my heart to start a non-profit organization
  • I wanted to be a help to churches and ministries on worship
  • I wanted to offer trainings and workshops
  • I didn’t want people to have to go through all the mistakes I did
  • I also wanted the sacrifice of “Worshiping God” to be common practice

Next 6 months, SIP had 5 expressions:

  • Worship Leader Gatherings
  • Workshops/Training/Seminars
  • Songwriters Roundtable
  • Regional Worship Events
  • Annual Worship Retreat

Churches I’ve Partnered With:


Kardia United Methodist Church
Los Angeles

Lifespring Church

Freedom Church of the South Bay

Jesus Center

Pasadena International House of Prayer

Ascend Malibu Fellowship

Vintage Faith Foursquare
Los Angeles

Forerunner for Christ
Echo Park

Central Truth Fellowship

Living Bread Church
Los Angeles

Finger of God Good news Ministry

Christ Ambassador Christian Fellowship

Church of Hope
Laguna Woods

Church on the Solid Rock
Lake Forest

Pacific Christian Center
Manhattan Beach