What is the Heart of Worship?

This is often times one of the most overlooked questions. What is the heart of worship? As musicians and singers it’s so easy at times to allow ourselves to become distracted by the musicality of a song. We can be so engrossed by the lead guitar line, or harmonies, or arrangement that we forget why we are there in the first place. I’m sure we have heard many teaching on what worship is all about. But often times I myself have to slow down in the middle of a practice and back up. I need to reflect why we are there and not get to caught up in “perfecting” our parts. Instead, I must remember that we are all people first and musicians second.

I often tell my worship teams that God surrounds himself with angels who have perfect pitch. So it’s not our perfect sound that catches his attention, perhaps God is looking for something we can give that the angels can’t…our hearts.


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